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Appaman brand and their toddler coat

September 18, 2020

In the midst of the ever-booming world, where the natural and cultural integration to our daily lives is lost, there exists an alternative universe in the shape of the Appaman clothing brand. A cascade of things inspired the visionary inputs of integrating the forgotten natural beauty into the kid’s clothing by the designer Harald Husum. 

It all began on a fine evening of the year 2003, when Herald Husum honoring his unforgettable childhood friendship with Ape, named the brand Appaman. His peculiar memories in the swaying fields and appealing fjords of Norway, where he spent his childhood, inspired the Appaman brand’s products.

Either it is the uniqueness of stars of the milky way, the beauty of Scandinavian flora, or the street art of streets of New York; it can all be found in the clothes of the Appaman brand. The kids are intrigued by the seasonal themes on their yearly outfits, such as the wooly jackets dyed in winter colors and designs depicting their ‘welcome back’ to schools after vacations. Apart from the fun-inspired and lively designs for kids, Appaman has kept its standard in the fabric, texture, and quality of the clothes.

Appaman toddler coat

Appaman toddler coat offers a variety of features in just one item. Their eye-catching designs with comfy long sleeves have the remarkable feature of lightweight, puffy design with a soft shell, attached hood inside, and zip closure to facilitate the comfortable wearing. All Appaman toddler coats have a shiny design with an added advantage of side hand pockets. One of the best features of these toddler coats is the use of 100% cotton, polyester, and making them puffy by practicing feather, duck down, and faux fur.

The use of quality fabric in these coats holds your little one’s natural body heat very well. The generous cut makes them useful for more than one season, and all of the Appaman toddler coats are machine washable. As your toddler love to wear his/her winter coat several times a day, so you need to buy a jacket with a machine wash facility instead of dry cleaning. You can wash Appaman coats quickly without losing their shiny appearance or the smooth texture. Different Appaman toddler coat styles are available like flurry coat, puffy coat, long down coats, and Sloan puffer coats with different preferences. 

Appaman toddler girl coat

Parents love to dress up their baby girls in winter to keep them safe from the freaking cold weather. To make her feel cozy, some parents become so anxious that they add multiple layers of clothing underneath, which, instead of feeling comfortable, trouble her carrying such a massive weight compared to her weight. So, get her a right fabric insulating Appaman coat to avoid messing her with clothing layers. Because their coats have the remarkable insulation facility which will eliminate the use of several short shirts, high necks etc.

  • Appaman girl’s puffy coat with long sleeves, round neckline, lined hooded collar, snap button closure, front full zip closure make her feel toasty warm and super comfortable while romping around with her friends on the playground. She can pair up the coat with her favorite jeans.
  • Appaman girl’s flurry coat has a fixed hood inside, and its shiny metallic appearance is hard to resist, and she can exert her independence in an exhilarating and flashy way.
  • Appaman girl’s long down coat offers superior warmth due to its hooded design and faux fur to keep your little lady warm in frigid winter. Apart from giving exceptional warmth, it also styles your little girl at the same time.
  • Appaman girl’s Sloan puffer coat is too cute to pass by because of its appealing diamond color, detachable faux fur, the water-resistant upper layer, and welt hand pockets for extra soft warmth.

Appaman girl’s coat has been designed, keeping in mind all the essentials of a baby girl’s interest and, most importantly, whether sickness. Use of polyester, feather, duck down, cotton has eradicated the doubt on the quality and weight of these coats. These coats will keep your little star super warm and give her a stylish look to go gorgeous with her winter wardrobe.

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