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Mayoral Children’s Clothing 80 Years of Making New Friends

September 18, 2020

The world of kid’s clothing is evolving each day with new brands entering the market. There has been a healthy competition among new and old brands in terms of style, fashion, quality and versatility of fabric. In such a scenario, some incompetent brands lose their ranks due to the incapability of evolving with time in the modern era and fulfilling the demands of our new generations. Survival of the fittest is damn right everywhere no matter which industry it is. There are some well-known old brands which have been successful in sustaining their name with the same glory which they had in the past. Among them, one name is Mayoral, a Spanish children’s clothing brand. Founded in 1941, Mayoral what started as a most modest brand that was fully dedicated to the production and commercialization of sock and tights has now become a benchmark and an extensive popular international group in children’s clothing. Operated by the same family origin, this brand has been growing for 79 years and in 2021 they will celebrate 80 years of success which is a great age of a brand. Its slogan “Making new friends” alone represents the brands’ DNA and its fun, cozy styles. This philosophy has not only kept this brand at the peak of glory but also paved the way for the quality and fashion sense in garments at its finest, throughout the journey. In the hands of the same business family, mayoral has been dressing generations of children with its unique style and fashion-forward cuts of garments.

Starting from socks and tights now it has all the kids wear products with much flexibility to wear without compromising the fashion. By picking up the adult clothing style, mayoral employs it on kid’s wear and translating the Spanish lifestyle into fashion. All the uniqueness has been kept in the details such as detachable collars, playful frills and pretty patterns.

Mayoral Dresses

Mayoral, a giant universe in children’s clothing, takes pride in offering various kinds of dresses for boys and girls starting from newborn to 16 years’ junior. For all the ages, dresses are designed accordingly, which includes:

  • Coats
  • Blazers
  • Cardigans
  • Vest
  • Jumpers 
  • Hoodies and sweatshirts
  • T-shirts
  • Blouses
  • Dresses
  • Skirts
  • Shorts
  • Trousers
  • Leggings
  • Sets
  • Tracksuits
  • Accessories

Mayoral has secured the place in the newborn world with a range that incorporates the sweetest trends and those that reflect the most modern lifestyle while sustaining the softness, quality and comfort that must always be present in fashion for babies. 

Mayoral dresses children around the globe in an ethical, responsible, and dashing way. One of the best features of their dresses is that they have enough room for movement and flexibility without compromising the style. Sounds amazing? Well! This is the only reason how this brand raised their position as a leader in children’s fashion segment for nearly a century by bringing fresh thinking to children’s fashion, season after season. Now, with their comfy dresses, you can be pretty sure that your child doesn’t only look little fashionista but can also play and run to his heart’s consent.

 A combination of thrilling designs, quality fabrics and mind-blowing cool prints is brought together in one piece by mayoral to offer everyday charm across its casual rage for boys and girls.

Clothing Range

All the clothing products are available for children between 0 to 16 years old, offering a completely new look to girls and boys. Mayoral clothing range splits into four categories.

  • First is for newborns from 0-18 months, so from birth, your child can enjoy the softness in the range of on-trend clothes like pajamas, baby grows, booties as well as numerous dresses.
  • The second category is for babies of 6-36 months old; this range includes both comfortable and soft dresses in a very accessible price.
  • The third category in mayoral is for mini Children of age between 2-9 years. Your mini child will love the bright and shiny colors, comfy and fun dresses which are geared toward more flexibility to give them full freedom in any physical activity.
  • The fourth category has the most fashion-forward clothes for mayoral junior of age between 8-16 years. Collection of this category is inspired by the trendy designs and the implementation of adult’s fashion in the little one’s universe. 

T-Shirts are the best way to dress up your little meatballs in summer to beat the heat. But shopping for the best t-shirts for your toddler might give you a real struggle because of the so many features which being a parent you want for your child’s comfortability. 


From fabric material to its softness, appealing design to its soothing colors, everything matters, and it’s hard to find all the desired features in one item. But Mayoral’s t-shirts, along with their other clothing items, have maintained their unique identity in their own terms. To make a long story short, these t-shirts have all your fantasies with the use of 95% polyester and 5% elastane, machine wash ability, shrink resistance, cool customized prints and a little touch of fashion. Use of elastane provides flexibility to your child in spending the day with full amusement. These T-shirts are very sturdy and withstand multiple washes without losing its color, shape and quality.

Mayoral Outlet

Mayoral started from just two items (socks and tights) is now presenting maximum varieties in kid’s wear with the little touch of luxury all around the world. More than ten mayoral companies are dedicated to the designing, manufacturing, marketing and distributing the mayoral brand products in over 100 countries through various boutiques, stores, subsidiaries, and commercial agents. This brand has expanded not only its business network but also widen the range of quality fabric with unique designs. Their casual collection with a sprinkle of luxury will make shopping easy for your little ones easy.

With the advent of the internet and online shopping, you can do your outlet shopping online with the ease of home. In this way, you will be able to get updates about their exclusive discounts quickly.

Mayoral Reviews

Quality, style and accessibility are the cornerstones of the brand’s style since its launching. Designing flawless, trendy dresses for customers has always been the top priority of Mayoral, and that’s why this brand has got so much acknowledgement from its international customers. Most of the clients who have shopped from this brand are very satisfied, approximately 95% are thrilled with their products and the response from the customer service within the allocated time. Their customer service is very responsive because the success of a clothing brand is imperative to customer satisfaction, which is directly related to how you stand out with your customer service support. As you know, there is no love without hate, so the number of negative reviews are very negligible, maybe 3 or 4 in 3000 reviews. Well, who cares for such a minor negativity when you have such a vast number of happy customers around who are darn satisfied. 

It’s been nearly 80 years of making new friends for this brand by dressing generations after generations. Intending to create the best quality fabrics this brand provides all children’s clothing products at an accessible price to make it handy for every child. They say it more simply as “we produce more than 30 million garments in a year and how we think about it, 30 million smiles a year.”

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