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September 18, 2020

One of the essentials of this modern era is to get dressed in the most fashionable yet most comfortable way. When it comes to the shopping of kid’s clothes, all the focus is diverted to the functionality of clothes. Parents would focus on a piece of cloth that is tailor-made for their kids in terms of sizing, quality of the fabric, the sensitivity of the material to their kid’s skin, and, last but not least, its outward appearance. 

One such name in the branding of kid’s clothing is Susan Lazar. A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, who once idealized designers like Helmut Lang and Alexander Wang is now the ideal of millions around the globe. With an entrepreneur mind, Susan Lazar launched the brand “Egg by Susan Lazar” in 2003. 

Egg baby

In the world of cashing opportunities, the brand Egg by Susan Lazar focused on the finest of fabrics that are environmentally friendly as well as sweet in design. That quality work led her to the 2nd most talkative kids brand in NYC. Having studied in the world’s top institutes like Cornell and FIT, Susan’s inclination towards the quality was impending. Susan started the brand by the name of “Egg,” having been inspired by the featuring abilities of eggs that each kid is like an egg that may seem similar in appearance but contain distinguishing skills and potential. Her vision that “life starts with an egg, and it is the purest form” shaped her brand’s future. The utmost priority and prime focus of “Egg by Susan Lazar” lay with kid’s clothing. 

The range of products by “EGG” grew from making gowns, blankets, boots, and hoodies for little sweet kids to the production of a whole set of kid’s accessories. The exceptional quality of cotton and natural fabric is used in the kid’s clothes together with the embroidery of designs on a theme of chicks, eggs, and flowers makes it the most highlighted brand in NYC. 

The witty and fanciful brand “Egg by Susan Lazar” has produced a collection that includes knit pullover tops, suits made of flannel with a plaid pattern, blouses with a flowery pattern, and skirts, swimwears,  pea coats, and multiple other unmatchable products.   In comparison, the boy’s collection includes cool touchy shirts, soft fabric sweaters, pants with glowing colors, and a range of jackets. 

The topmost qualities that favored the blossoming of Egg by Susan Lazar include their approach towards the size of clothing, one-piece clothes, sweet and soft fabric, pure cotton knitted dresses and fashionable printing, and some features like waterproof blankets, etc.

Egg by Susan Lazar offers a wide range of children’s clothing items for both boys and girls. Their color combination with a modern touch makes them super cool to wear in routine. The only ambition of this clothing brand is to intensify and boost the purest love of children and parents by providing high-quality clothing items. One more fascinating thing about this brand is their trendy and fancy dresses, which can be easily worn on the event, and this is imperative in every child’s wardrobe. So, it’s like giving two in one, getting a colorful, comfy dress will also style your child like a little model. This thing will also make your day happiest seeing your child in fancy attire. 

Egg kid’s products are available in almost 54 cool colors and shades. Product type varies, including accessory, one-piece, romper, swimsuit, vest, dress, outfit set, short, tights, jacket, pant, snowsuit, and top. These products are available in various sizes, like from toddler years to almost 12years old. Their offering range, high-quality products, and reasonable prices will drive you to get their products for your newbie which he will love wearing all day.

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