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LULULEMON Athletica. Feel The Moment Not the Heat

September 18, 2020

LULULEMON Athletica: Feel The Moment Not the Heat

The desire to have a robust and sturdy body shape marks the enthusiastic approach of people these days. To keep up to their dreams, one has to work out either indoor yoga or outdoor running, gymnastics, or weightlifting. However, like every form of professional engagement, this also requires the athletes, gymnasts, and fitness enthusiasts to wear proper attire that must cradle their bodies like moving silk throughout their physical outing. 

This is where LULULEMON clothing comes to the assistance of young fervent and professional athletes and ordinary people. Specialists of making all kinds of sportswear like Yoga pants, sweatshirts, women outwear leggings, swimsuits, and accessories like yoga mats unfolded their charm of existence in 1998. Based in Vancouver, Canada, a philanthropist and a billionaire, Chip Wilson was the mastermind behind the initiation of this unique sportswear clothing brand LULULEMON

The brilliance beneath the name LULULEMON’s attractiveness was instilled by the imaginative intuition of the owner and founder Chip Wilson due to their approach towards the Japanese market. The striking resemblance of the name LULULEMON to the Japanese language’s alphabets added to its beauty and helped the company grip on the Japanese sportswear market.

Lululemon Leggings 

While it will be quite grueling to rule out the range of sportswear on the shelves of LULULEMON outlets such as yoga pants, women leggings, and sports accessories, there exists another element that pulls the fitness enthusiasts towards itself, and that is the quality of their legging fabrics. One astonishing advancement by the scientific, research, and development wing of LULULEMON is the invention of Luon fabric. This excellent brand of Luon material is featured to be light in weight and stretchy. These are light in weight, and its stretchiness does not make them tight at all, providing you the freedom of jogging, working out, or perform any physical activity. The other development came in the shape of NULU fabric and outshined its competitors when donned by the youngsters. 

LULULEMON leggings perfectly fit the physique without chafing and leaving marks of scratches on to the bodies of its regular users like fitness, yoga and gym enthusiasts. Either it is an invigorate High-Rise tight or non-reflective Nulux, wunder under high rise tight or mapped out high rise fast, all these models have kept on amazing the customers with its beautiful fabric, unique designs, and incredibly smooth fitting. These leggings make you feel great about yourself which also make workout sessions fun and easy. The leggings embraced in the sharp colors, and vibrating designs are exquisitely sought after by the youths.  

Yoga Pants

As you become social, you notice people wearing clothes according to the different activities they perform in a day. For example, you can’t swim without swimwears or wearing basketball shoes. So you have to be practical in the selection of your wardrobe like what and when to wear. If you have decided to take yoga lessons or are already on it, you must get yourself Lululemon yoga pants. These pants are specifically designed for yoga and allow you to perform yoga postures comfortably. One of the best features in their yoga pants is their four-way stretching ability, which will not leave any mark on your body. These are super buttery soft, which makes them feel weightless on your body. These yoga pants are made of 81-85% nylon and 15-19% lycra elastane, making them super breathable and efficient in sweat absorption. The good thing is you can find each size from their online store from XXS to XXL, which depends on your waist size. You can see the size guide there to select accordingly, which helps to tell you which size of yoga pants will fit you fine. All the designs of Lululemon yoga pants are available in 2-10 colors, which will ease your selection a bit more.

Feel the moment not the heat with Lululemon yoga pants because comfortability comes first no matter what you are planning for. You will feel you and yours breathe around nothing else due to the soft and weightless fabric of yoga pants. Lululemon makes women’s yoga pants and men’s pants, which come in different designs, colors and reasonably priced as well.


Left with the tag of overpricing and being expensive, the LULULEMON clothing brand came up with an exemplary idea of satisfying their valued customers. The LULULEMON cyber Monday deals offer a mammoth discount of up to 70 % that runs for the whole day. Lululemon Cyber Monday deals are specifically for online customers and attract a massive volume of people ordering their wunder under high rise leggings for a mere 50% of its actual amount. 

The cyber Monday deals have been a constant feature of the Lululemon clothing brand for years. The Lululemon cyber Monday 2020 is thrilled to announce a super saving of hundreds of dollars on following products 

  • -$100 on Roam Far Waterproof Wool Coat
  • -$79 on Sheer Joy Jacket
  • -$79 on Still at East Wrap 
  • -$39 on Wunder Under High-Rise Tight 
  • -$69 on Wunder Puff Jacket
  • -$39 on Reveal Tight Mesh Stripes 
  • -$19 on Its Rulu Long Sleeves

From a large stock of LULULEMON clothing, you can choose from leggings to yoga pants, swim wears to gym clothes, and everything related to sports accessories that are too at a discounted deal of LULULEMON Cyber Monday 2020. 

Lululemon Outlets

Driven by the motto of promoting health and fitness, LULULEMON outlets are located at 45 different locations across the united states and Canada fully equipped to quench the thirst of physical trainers and fitness aspirants. Those aspiring to be yoga instructors and yoga students are more compelled towards the charm of the products at LULULEMON outlets due to their focused approach and marketing of yoga training. Therefore, LULULEMON outlets are placed near the fitness parks, gyms, and physical training sites to reach and fulfill the needs of ones in need conveniently. 

LULULEMON outlets did not only confined to the North American region but extended their services to Europe, opening their first outlet in London in 2004. Since then, they have emerged as an influence in the online market and captured a huge fan following and sales using social platforms. 

Lululemon Reviews and Ranks

Reviews are meant to be the backbones of any company as it reflects the public opinion towards the goodwill and value of companies. The survey showed the more significant portion of customers contented with the quality of the leggings they bought. An Australian website enlisted a list of happy customers over their purchase of great quality leggings and fitness wears. Nevertheless, it must not be a final verdict to judge any company over a few reviews; therefore, the rankings come into play. 

Listed 25th in Top 75 Global retail brands in 2020 marks the glory of LULULEMON clothing brand to even greater heights overshadowing its achievements from past years where it managed to reach 35th position in the same ranking.

Being listed on Forbes comparative analysis ranking, LULULEMON was revered with the rank of 300 as Canada’s best employer’s company. 

The ultimate conquest of the online market, digital sales, customer satisfaction, product quality, fabric innovation, scientific research, and producing a range of beautiful fitness wears over 22 years has left a positive mark in the global clothing and sports world. Don’t live under the shadow of negativity, but go and explore the LULULEMON outlets in your quest to find better. So, stay focused and keep working on your strength with the Lululemon.

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