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Mustard Pie Clothing

September 18, 2020

Clothing of kids is destined to be whimsical and pleasing to the eyes, and when it comes to flattering the charm of your little girls, the name Mustard Pie will pop in mind. The reason behind the elegance and freshness in designs of Mustard Pie clothing is her owner Shannon Rihm. Growing from a unique home-grown dressmaker to an unmatchable artist depicting her skills to inspire a sense of creativity among little girls defines the class of Mustard Pie. The custom girl’s boutique designers firstly inspired her on eBay or Etsy, which motivated her to create her clothing line. After a lot of struggle of taking lessons, reading books, buying fabrics, and sewing them with her design, she shaped her dream into a reality that is now famous by the name of the “Mustard pie clothing” brand worldwide.

The name Mustard Pie in itself is the reflection of the creativeness because of its strings being attached to a memory of Shannon. The 5-year-old girl trying to make her mom proud on Mother’s Day used her artistic imaginations to top a Pie with heaps of mustard. That creativity swamped into Shannon’s memory lane and unleashed a masterpiece in the shape of “Mustard Pie Clothing.” The hint of mustard yellow in a squishy fabric is the trademark of Mustard Pie clothing that lives up to its tag of “not your typical piece of pie!”. Each piece of clothing Shannon designs is attached to this vivid imagination and reflects the essence of childhood. This is solely a little girl’s brand and sizes are available from 3 months to 12 years. 

Mustard pie pixie pant

Mustard-pie’s colorful, popular printed designs and classic silhouettes give your sweet darling one of a kind and gorgeous look. Their designs are elegant, fresh, and girly. Mustard pie pixie pant is one of the trendiest, colorful and bright clothing items they have. Mustard pie has a unique style of each clothing item. The layering of different colorful prints, fancy patterns, and appealing colors to a single clothing item makes them worthy of wearing on special occasions. The same is true for their pixie pie pants as these have unique color combinations, sometimes layering, which encourages your little lady to mix and match it with her different tops to look unique and cute. These pants are molding the fashion of legging, tight and figure-hugging garments for girls, the real touch of fashion and comfort, making them suitable for a younger girl who is more conscious about both at the same time. Anti-fade, dry cleaning, machine or hand wash, shrink resistant qualities of these pants make them a perfect versatile addition to your girl’s winter wardrobe. Mustard pixie pie pants are much famous that people pre-order their preferred colors in advance due to which this item sells out before it hits the market shelves. Moreover, the brand also produces a limited number of garments, ensuring its quality, not quantity. That is the reason why it is getting more famous with each passing day. 

Shannon designs each item keeping children and their unique desires in mind. To be sure about the comfort level of clothing items, Shannon would not make any design that her daughter wouldn’t prefer to wear. To bring each clothing item into reality, she always prefers the suggestions and opinions of her daughter to get a hint of children’s likings. Her brand items are cotton made with custom designs and tag-free for comfort. Their beautiful colors, prints, originality, and craftsmanship allow your little girl to fascinate her daily dressings and contrast it with other clothing items to evolve her creative imaginations.

Shannon also encourages girls, sending photos wearing mustard pie and chooses them to model the next collection of company. Which is a kind of appreciation for them to involve in such a healthy contest.

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