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PATPAT brand to thrive KIDS CLOTHING

September 18, 2020

Parents’ adoration towards their kids is often manifested by doing something unique that makes them happy, putting a smile on their faces. One such deed is to buy them clothes, they have always imagined to don, making them the icons of fashion in mini-world. However, the enchantment of kids growing swiftly comes with the outlay of shopping for the little souls. 

Recognizing this ordeal of moms, two master’s graduates Albert Wang and Ken Gao, initiated an affordable yet fashionable brand of kids named PATPAT in 2014. In Pittsburgh, the USA, both the fashion designers used their vast experience of working as engineers at top development firms and the skillset gained by their level of education to launch such a brand. With their intuitive minds, creative imaginations, and realistic approach, PATPAT started manufacturing clothes known for its top quality and affordable prices. 

The parents are attracted by the range of products that come in PATPAT kid’s clothing outlets satisfying their occasional demands such as Christmas celebrations, Easter festivals, and birthday gatherings. Kids want to wear attires printed in colorful themes, matching their ideal sci-fi icons, and favorite cartoon characters are all found in PATPAT kid’s clothing outlets. Long-footed jumpsuits, light-colored floral hoodies, sweat thin-strapped bodysuits, rompers and ruffled style hoodies are entirely located in the wardrobes of PATPAT outlets. 

The recognition earned by PATPAT kids brand through their inexpensive clothing did not influence the quality of the fabric being used. Their products adorned by the kids are soft, robust in quality, and beautiful in outlook. Not only the kids, but the parents are found to be pulled towards the attractive and affordable range of kid’s clothes. 

The name PATPAT got its ultimate acknowledgment after being awarded top shopping application in the UK for two years in 2015 and 2016 back to back. Their efficient services, quality products, affordable prices, deals for moms and a range of items in kid’s clothing led them to another success in the shape of being given “The app of the day” award in 2019. Such gleaming triumph was not achieved in minutes but by the tireless efforts of their marketing and digital teams. Now, the name PATPAT would pop up in any online platform that can quench the needs of unsatisfied parents efficiently with a secure system of payment and deliveries to their doorsteps. 

Mommy and me outfits

Having the first baby excites couples to go beyond perfection while shopping for them. They love to shop for cute little cribs, feeding bottles, blankets, pillows, pacifiers, and matching outfits. There is no such thing as watching your baby walking side by side or in your hands wearing the same outfit, which feels pretty and connects you with your young one in an amazing way. Most parents wait impatiently for their child to grow little more to start this matching as it’s hard to find the perfect matching clothes of exact toddler size on many stores. PatPat has brought a revolution in this field by offering their mommy and me matching clothing range. Their fun colors, interesting patterns and high-quality cotton clothes create an artistic look which the whole family will surely love to wear. PatPat matching clothes make these moments of non-verbal affection and incomparable feeling the most memorable one can ask for. PatPat has a wide range of matching outfits include matching cotton tank dresses, off shoulder swimsuits, floral print V neck tank dresses, flounce plant print dresses, blueprinted, sling printed, colorful classic star printed sweatshirts, swimwear, irregular hem stripe matching dresses, autumn leopard sweaters, cotton cardigan stripe matching, floral flounce tank and denim matching suits, many customized mommy daddy, charging, teddy bear, dinosaur printed matching outfits. Along with these cool dresses, there are many fanciful yet comfortable dresses with lively colors, and prints are available in the PatPat matching outfits range. Their prints match perfectly with the mood of little one and their parents as well. If you want to complete the fun of being the coolest parent to your little kiddie, you should give them a sense of style while carrying that by yourself as well, as it seems enjoyable for them. PatPat mommy and me outfits have all the cool prints on their matching clothes range, which both children and adults can wear without hesitation. A good piece of cloth can make your day awesome, so does your child. What can be more gratifying than seeing your child in the same comfort place and presenting little you? 

PatPat has ensured the quality of fabric right according to the fragile and sensitive skin of your baby at a very reasonable price to make this fun accessible to all parents. 

PatPat Pink floral dress

A beautiful baby girl deserves to look even more impressive, elegant and charming which is only possible with the right choice of clothing piece, matching her personality and attitude. When it comes to shopping for your little lady, you may have many options to consider. While preparing the summer wardrobe for your girl, you look for elegant and vibrant colors, which evoke the feeling of lush weather, warm temperature and sunshine. Nothing can beat the floral dresses in summers as these floral prints quench every taste and choice.

PatPat offers a broad range of summer clothes for kids with quality fabric in several color ranges and styles. PatPat pink floral dress is one of the most prominent and fashionable dresses that no fashionista baby girl can skip from her wardrobe. Light pink color looks fabulous and also helps to feel cool in especially hot weather. This pink floral dress is made of 100% cotton, making it most comfortable for your girl as cotton is considered breathable. This high-quality, tailor-made pink floral dress with short sleeves, loose leisure, and soft texture will not damage your baby girl’s skin and give the baby mother-like care. This is a dress your baby girl cannot be without, as it is a must to have. PatPat pink floral dress can be easily machine washed without shrinking or losing its color or print. It is apt to wear in any season due to its softness and quality fabric. Owing to its versatility, it can work for a casual outing with family or for a glamorous birthday party; it all depends on how you accessorize it, which every smart girl or woman knows.

PatPat has ensured the quality of fabrics at a reasonable price without compromising any single feature in their pretty dresses. PatPat guarantees you only quality merchandise and what else one can ask for. Moreover, they also grant 10% on your first order, free shipping on $35+ shopping and 30 days return if you are not satisfied or ordered the wrong size. To ease and simplify your shopping, you can search your item by category like what kind of dress you want to shop for? Ten categories, including a baby girl, baby boy, family look, maternity, women, toddler girl, toddler boy, girl, boy, shoes and accessories, are available where you can find your favorite clothing item.

This brilliance brought up by PatPat kid’s clothing brand not only maneuvered the clothing market, but it revolutionized the idea of smooth, effective and efficient shopping for the cute little kids. 

PatPat reviews

Shopping online is a little tricky as you cannot touch the item, meet with the owner of the store in person and develop a connection. So, to avoid making it a horrible experience, most parents have the same questions either quality of the fabric is good? Is shipping secured? Will I receive the item on time? Will the clothing fit my child? Has anybody bought from them? What is their experience shopping from PatPat? To answer all questions just once, PatPat has 4.33 stars from 2,526 reviews (last 12 months). It also ranks on 2nd position among kids site due to its functionality, great clothing items and a secure shipping system. From Ordering your clothing item to its shipment or getting in any trouble, PatPat helps you in the entire shopping journey, keeps you updated regarding your order shipment, and replies to your queries within two days (sometimes in few hours) to make your shopping with them a lifelong relation. The reason behind 81% of positive ratings in the last 12 months is their dealing with their client and going above and beyond to resolve the issue. 

Go and order from their store, you will wish to order again and give them more than five stars (if it can be possible).

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